Sunday, June 5, 2016

Being a cum slut exhibitionist in public, late at night... again

It's been a while since I blogged about one of my adventures. Mostly because I haven't been having as many as I used to since I don't have a car and get around late at night as easily to get naked around town. Lately though I've been renting cars and traveling to Palm Springs, and that has enabled me to indulge in some more outdoor exhibitionism. So it's time to start documenting them again!

Let's start with the most recent adventure. I was in Palm Springs over the Memorial day weekend. I'd gone out for drinks with a guy from the hotel I was staying at, but eventually made my way back on my own. It was around 2 am when I got back and I was horny and a little buzzed, so I stripped down and took a walk around the property. The place I was staying had a couple of cottages and one of them had a rooftop deck. I decided to go up there and see what was up there. What I found was one of the other guests sitting with his towel open, stroking his cock. I began stroking mine too and he got up and came over to where I was standing. We began playing with each others' cocks, and then I got on my knees and started sucking him. He had a nice fat cock and it tasted good. After a bit I stood up and he got on his knees and swallowed me. He really liked my dick and kept sucking it deep til I was ready to cum. I told him I was going to shoot and he kept going, so I grabbed the back of his head and thrust into him as I began to cum into his mouth. He took it all, and then spit it out. (Spitters are quitters.) He thanked me and I took my leave.

Still wanting a load down my own throat, I went back to my room and put on a pair of shorts, tank and flip-flops. Then I went out cruising the street. I went to 2 of my favorite dark spots and began fondling myself through my shorts. Cars were driving by slowly as well as other cruisers walking around. Eventually I got horny and took off my tank. I walked around alternating between my 2 spots, and found a new spot I liked.

As car would approach, once I was certain it wasn't a cop car, I'd drop my shorts and thrust my cock out so the driver could get a good look. Several guys walking by got to see this view too and one or two stopped to give my cock a tug. But no one seemed interested in letting me suck them off. So it got later and I kept walking around from spot to spot.

There was one pickup truck I'd seen all night cruising around. Seems he hadn't found what he was looking for either. As it was pretty late and I was getting tired, I decided to go for it and threw caution to the wind. I went to my new spot (which was darker and had better cover than the other 2 spots) and took everything off. I stroked my cock and every time I'd see someone approaching I'd step out into from the darkness so they could see me.

Eventually the pickup truck came around again, so I stepped out so he could see me naked. He passed, got to the end of the street and made a u-turn. So as he approached again I stepped right into the street in his headlights and gave him my profile so he could see my hard cock sticking straight out. I jerked it as he passed by. He turned the corner and I decided I might as well bust my but and go to sleep. Then I saw him turning back onto the street I was one and he parked his truck. I stayed in the street, naked, hard and stroking myself to see what he'd do.

He got out of his truck and came right for me. He grabbed my cock and asked me what I was looking for. I told him I wanted to swallow a load of cum. He edged us into a darker area but we were still within view of the street and I dropped to my knees. His cock was out and I took it in my mouth and started sucking on it. He was nervous and wasn't hard yet. A car drove by slowly and he got scared.

I moved us into more darkness and took his cock into my mouth again. As I worked it he began to get hard and soon I had a rock hard cock pumping my cocksucker mouth. Someone walked by and saw naked on my knees on the street with some guy's hard cock in my mouth. That really gave me a thrill, knowing someone was watching me be such a cock slut out in public. I stroked my cock as I sucked him, making myself hornier and hornier when I felt his cock pulse and a warm wetness in my mouth. I took his cock deeper as more cum filled my mouth and I swallowed. Once... twice... three times.

The second he was done he zipped up and took off, leaving me on my knees with the taste of his cum in my mouth and my cum-coated throat. I stood up and walked out into the middle of the street as he drove off and I shot my load into the darkness. Damn it felt good to cum, knowing what a slut I was, feeling his cum in my throat, and knowing I'd been seen doing it all!

I grabbed my clothes, slipped on my flip-flops and walked naked back to the hotel. Some guys still out looking saw me as I walked by naked... cock still dripping cum. I got to my room, wiped off my cock and got into bed, feeling satisfied and like a cum slut exhibionist.

More to cum....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ringing in the New Year naked on the street

New Years early morning I got back to where I was staying in W Hollywood after hanging out with friends at The Abbey. I was super-horny and drunk, thus I was feeling the need to go outside and play naked. So I changed into a pair of sweat pants, a hoodie and sneakers and went out. It was pretty late... around 3 am but there were still some guys out.

I did my thing of finding a few dark spots on the sidewalks where I could pull my cock out and jerk off, and after a little while I got bold and just kept my cock out stroking it as I walked. If someone approached I just pulled my hoodie down over my cock til they passed. At one point I did this for a while until I noticed someone across the street watching me. He had been in the shadows so I didn't see him til he stepped out. I crossed the street to him and he immediately pulled his cock out and put his hand behind my head. Well he had a beautiful big latino cock (from what I remember) so I went right down on it right there on the sidewalk. His cock was thick and he had a lot of precum and I just went cock-crazy on it. Twice some guys walked right by us but I kept sucking on him even though he tried to pull away. I had my pants down by then and was jerking myself as I sucked his cock.

As he got closer to cumming he got pretty aggressive. He was holding my head and pounding my mouth hard making me gag, but I loved it. Suddenly I felt his cock spasm and his warm cum landing on my tongue and hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed his load hungrily and loved the feeling of it sliding down my throat! I felt like such a cum-whore but I loved that feeling. He finished cumming and pulled out of my mouth, zipped up and took off without a word, leaving me there on the sidewalk with my pants down and my hoodie open and almost off.

After this I was even more horny than before, so I kept cruising around to see who else I could find. I found some spots where I took off all my clothes and jerked off and fingered my hole, hoping someone would happen upon me. I changed locations a few times, and after the last one I decided that since it was 0430 by then I wouldn't bother getting dressed. So I walked the streets stark naked (not even shoes) stroking my cock. Once or twice I'd see a car coming so I'd duck into the shadows in case it was a cop. If I saw it wasn't and they were driving slowly I figured they were cruising as well so I'd step out of the shadows so they could see me. None stopped but they did slow down even more to get a good look before continuing on.

At about 0500 I decided it was time to head back, so I set my clothes down and walked out into the middle of an intersection totally naked and jerked out a nice load. It felt so good and freeing to cum like that in the open air under the moonlight. Then I got my clothes and walked back to where I was staying, dressing as I went and finally got into bed at around 0515. What a great way to ring in the New Year! Can't wait to do it again.