Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ringing in the New Year naked on the street

New Years early morning I got back to where I was staying in W Hollywood after hanging out with friends at The Abbey. I was super-horny and drunk, thus I was feeling the need to go outside and play naked. So I changed into a pair of sweat pants, a hoodie and sneakers and went out. It was pretty late... around 3 am but there were still some guys out.

I did my thing of finding a few dark spots on the sidewalks where I could pull my cock out and jerk off, and after a little while I got bold and just kept my cock out stroking it as I walked. If someone approached I just pulled my hoodie down over my cock til they passed. At one point I did this for a while until I noticed someone across the street watching me. He had been in the shadows so I didn't see him til he stepped out. I crossed the street to him and he immediately pulled his cock out and put his hand behind my head. Well he had a beautiful big latino cock (from what I remember) so I went right down on it right there on the sidewalk. His cock was thick and he had a lot of precum and I just went cock-crazy on it. Twice some guys walked right by us but I kept sucking on him even though he tried to pull away. I had my pants down by then and was jerking myself as I sucked his cock.

As he got closer to cumming he got pretty aggressive. He was holding my head and pounding my mouth hard making me gag, but I loved it. Suddenly I felt his cock spasm and his warm cum landing on my tongue and hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed his load hungrily and loved the feeling of it sliding down my throat! I felt like such a cum-whore but I loved that feeling. He finished cumming and pulled out of my mouth, zipped up and took off without a word, leaving me there on the sidewalk with my pants down and my hoodie open and almost off.

After this I was even more horny than before, so I kept cruising around to see who else I could find. I found some spots where I took off all my clothes and jerked off and fingered my hole, hoping someone would happen upon me. I changed locations a few times, and after the last one I decided that since it was 0430 by then I wouldn't bother getting dressed. So I walked the streets stark naked (not even shoes) stroking my cock. Once or twice I'd see a car coming so I'd duck into the shadows in case it was a cop. If I saw it wasn't and they were driving slowly I figured they were cruising as well so I'd step out of the shadows so they could see me. None stopped but they did slow down even more to get a good look before continuing on.

At about 0500 I decided it was time to head back, so I set my clothes down and walked out into the middle of an intersection totally naked and jerked out a nice load. It felt so good and freeing to cum like that in the open air under the moonlight. Then I got my clothes and walked back to where I was staying, dressing as I went and finally got into bed at around 0515. What a great way to ring in the New Year! Can't wait to do it again.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Got a roadside blowjob one naked summer night

One late summer night I was horny and feeling the need to be naked outside again. So I drove over to one of my favorite spots on a service road along a freeway that was pretty dark and unused at that hour, unless you were looking for sex. I drove over, taking off my clothes along the way and once there I parked in an unlit spot. I'd  noticed a few cars parked somewhat away from the spot I'd chosen and assumed they were there for the same horny reasons I was. So I figured it was safe and got out of the car buck naked and hard, walked to the front of the car, sat on the bumper and started jerking off.

I love that feeling of being completely naked outside, totally exposed to the sky in all my horniness, knowing I could be seen by the people in the parked cars. And of course, within about a minute of exposing myself like that  I saw one of the cars slowly moving towards my area with its headlights off. I had to decide... do I take cover or let them see me? I decided the risk was minimal as it didn't look like an unmarked cop car or anything similar approaching, and it was doing so stealthily. So I remained seated naked on the bumper of my car, stroking my hard, wet cock. (I'd begun to precum copiously at that point.)

The car approached me and slowed down even more as it got close to get a good long look at me. As it was just about to pass my car it pulled over and parked again, with the driver's line of sight directly at me. The engines were cut and for a few moments I just sat there with my legs spread, not touching my cock. I let it point straight up and made sure the car could get a good look. Then I started masturbating again and as I did so my horniness level began to ramp up even more. I decided it was time to be even more of a slutty showoff and stood to face the parked car with my secret admirer inside. I slowly began walking across the road towards the car, stroking my cock all the way. I knew the other cars down the road would see me for sure now that I was walking across the road into the glow of a streetlight, but that only emboldened me further.

I reached the side of the car right at the driver's window, got as close to it as I could and began stroking my cock as feverishly as I could. I could tell it was a guy at this point and was determined to give him a good show. Almost immediately the window rolled down and I could see that it was a youngish white guy sitting there with his cock in his hand watching me. He looked at my cock really hard, then leaned his face towards the open window. I knew what he wanted, so I leaned against his door, thrusting my hard cock towards his opening mouth. He took me into his mouth and began sucking me off as if his life depended on it. His mouth felt so good on my cock that I got lost in the feeling and didn't notice that another of the parked cars up the road had begun making it's way towards us. By the time I turned and saw it coming it was too late to run as I'd already been seen. Luckily it was just another horny late night driver.

He pulled up behind me next to the car where I was getting the blowjob and rolled down his passenger window to watch. I turned and made eye contact with him and gave him a nod, and he did the same. I pulled my cock out and turned to give the new driver a closer look at my dick for a few seconds, then turned back to continue feeding it to the first driver. I reached back and began rubbing my ass and spreading my cheeks so the second driver would have something to watch as I pumped the first driver's mouth.

After about another 2 minutes of this I got that feeling in my balls and knew I was going to cum soon. I said out load "I'm getting close" so my sucker would know and sped up fucking his face. Pretty quickly I was ready to blow and said something like  "I'm going to cum.... I'm cumming" and pulled out of the guy's mouth. He had other ideas though and he reached up and grab my thigh and pulled me back into his mouth as I started to spurt. As I arched my back and filled his mouth with my cum I heard him grunting and I knew that taking my load into his mouth had made him shoot his load. I heard him swallow it as he nursed my cock a little more, then pulled off it. He looked up at me with a sheepish look on his face and I thanked him for the blowjob and told him it was awesome. He said something like "no problem" and rolled up his window.

I stepped away from his car and turned to face the second. The driver of that car was wiping himself off and gave me another nod and a grin, and I walked back to my car with my wet cock bouncing a little in front of me. I opened my car door, pulled out some Wet Ones and cleaned myself off while standing naked by my car. My cocksucker had made a u-turn and was just passing me so I turned and waved at him.

I got into my car totally satisfied and decided not to get dressed. I drove the 20 minute ride home with the windows down until I was parked in my garage. At this point it was about 4 am and I knew my building would be desolate, so I didn't bother dressing at that point either. I got out of the car, locked it and walked naked across the street-level garage (which was visible to the street) to the lobby entrance. I walked into the lobby and pressed the button for the elevator, waiting there naked in full view of the sidewalk for it to arrive. When it did I entered and pressed 3 and rode up to my floor holding my clothes and keys in my hand. I got off the elevator and walked down the hall to my apartment, still unseen by anyone in all my naked glory. I walked in, cleaned up a little and went to bed.

Unfortunately I couldn't sleep as I was still horny. So I decided to get up and go for a little walk around the building, but that's a story for another time.

Boy do I love being a horny, slutty, uninhibited exhibitionist!